Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Needs Economic Protection

At no time in the history of the US from the end of the Civil War to the present has there been a period of time that the excesses of the Market Economy did not lead to direct intervention and protectionism by out side forces to save the economy from itself. The Market has always been controlled to keep it from interfering with the smooth running of the rest of society. The problem is who controls the economy and for whom. Every ten years or so the economy hits the skids and needs to be jump-started.  Yet the myth of a self regulated economy continues. Economic calamity is at hand. The more looming the disaster of this economic trend is that the poor of the world are left without a real voice. The economic counselors need to be replaced with educators and community activists with vision and courage to examine options over looked. One such option is the stimulus packaged needs to closely tied to full employment and at Union scale wages and benefits. The second is to greatly expand to public sector employment. The public sector exists to provide goods and services to these who cannot otherwise afford them. In the public service and social benefit, not production for profit i.e. greed and avarice. Why reward the criminals who caused all these problems.

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