Thursday, August 29, 2013


America I am told is founded upon self-reliance and rugged individualism in which the individual takes responsibility for his own fate. This person does not cry about how unfair life is, but takes action on his own. This is the lie told to us by those attacking our public workers and social services. Any person who accomplishes anything she feels good about in life has that special someone who believed in her and helped her. Or, maybe some advantage not fully remembered. What I am saying is we are all social animals and we are all the product of a collective effort. What we need to do is to teach that freedom and democracy is founded upon a deep commitment to the “Other”, social responsibility and that we are all members of the same community. Because our work benefits’ others, we all have a fundamental right to decent employment with benefits including good food, adequate housing, medical care, education, safety and the pursuit of happiness. Those who take social responsibility seriously are good and decent citizens. It is the rugged individualist who is the irresponsible whiners. Individualism is founded on vain adolescent stinginess. It is weak not to give credit where credit is due. I want to personally thank everyone who helped me along the way. Thanks.

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