Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The “right-to-work” is really the “free-rider” problem. Those with guts enough to join a union and to bargain collectively for something a little better for working people, will be carrying those who want a small increase in pay, some slender protection against employer abuse, and some benefits that wouldn’t exist without bargaining and consultation. These negotiations that support workers in their grievances also offer non-union workers the same benefits for free. Talk about handouts. But besides the craven freeloader who doesn’t want to pay his fair share. The real worker who struggles to makes ends meet is left holding the bag.
The Economic Policy Institute found out that over time in the right-to-work states workers would be earning lower wages than workers in states without such laws. There will be a decline in medical coverage, health and safety on the job site and other benefits are left hanging. If labor creates all wealth and the worker is universally under paid in the private as well as public sectors. What does that tell you about wealth in this country? The lie goes like this these public employees are a drain on the economy because they have too many benefits and we cannot afford to pay private sector employees more or we will drive the jobs overseas. “We need a Pro-Labor Party”. In her struggle for a better life a union member has to carry the other who would prefer not to pay his union dues. He goes home to his children every day. How can he in all honesty hold his little ones in his arms?

Michael Joseph Francisconi

96 Fern Lane
Dillon, Montana

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