Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 new politics

The political national vista is shifting liberals i.e. Corporate Democrats are the big winners as the civil war among Republicans takes on new meaning. The neo-liberals also known as fiscal conservatives try to distance themselves from the social conservative calling themselves conservative Christians. Myths are being shattered. Conservative Christians, who are neither Christian nor conservative, find their unkind moral poison distasteful to an increasing number of compassionate Americans. Fiscal conservatives, who in fact are little more than repackaged 19th century liberals, try to push invalid economic theories that been proven wrong with every recession and depression ever since Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations in 1776. As the Republicans cannibalizes themselves, it is a great time for the socialists, social democrats, and progressive democrats to form a popular front and to enter into negociations with the Progressive Caucus and the Corporate Democrats, which in reality are the traditional Keynesians, New Deal Democrats using government to increase employment through demand side economics. By negotiating with old fashion Roosevelt liberals the hope is to push American politics into a more democratic and humanistic direction and democratize the bureaucracies.

Michael Joseph Francisconi

96 Fern Lane
Dillon, Montana

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