Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Production and Design

August 1, 2012

The separation of production requires a separate group of professionals who skill in design is those skills removed from the line workers, thus replacing skilled artisans with unskilled operatives. The issue is more of control than it is of efficiency. The workers who carry out the task of production have very little insight into the overall definitive intended progression, in the end the actual worker are stuck with mind deadening tedium. (Braverman, Marx, Weber).
By bring many workers under a single command structure increases production capacity and standardizes both the production process and the products themselves. Production, design, record keeping entrepreneurial functions and ownership all become separated from on another (Marx, Polanyi, Weber).
Capitalism is founded upon both free labor and the separation of the workers from the ownership, raw materials, sources of power that runs the machines and the market itself. This is capitalism, which both increases efficiency of production and the powerlessness of the worker are no longer in control of the means of production. (Marx)

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