Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weber again

Sociologists’ looks for not the objective historical structural relations that is the social environment of a cultural setting, but also the subjective interpretation of experiences within that setting. This interaction between a real and tangible setting and the judgment based on inner experience is what culture does. This gives meaning to concrete experiences and for among many individual each with slightly different, but roughly similar experiences are able to talk to each other.

Syncretism rather than eclectic is the concern. In theory often they are used interchangeably. Other time eclectic is seen a lose mix without a logical rigor of forming a new theoretical whole. However either way theory grows and changes with the times or it dies.

The Hypothetical situation is the ideal type of things or ideas with corresponding theoretically defined experiences. Then we test it to see how close was to what is really happening.

Meaningful action and reactive behavior fade into each other.

Sympathetic understanding will offer clarity of understanding and verifiable comprehension and possible compassionate involvement in a resolution.

Weber would use all of the above to claim that the irrational can be understood if we can outline possible rational alternatives, how and why actions deviated from a more rational course.

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