Thursday, October 27, 2011

Changing Woman

Corn is Changing Woman through which everything Hunan originates. Without corn pollen there can be no ceremony. Corn is a gift from Changing Woman and she is the mother of corn and she is Corn Woman. Changing Women use to live with the people. She would walk among them and talk with them. She wore a white shell necklace and the people would call White Shell Woman or White Bead Woman. All the people were happy and all the people plenty of good food to eat. Changing Woman gave the people corn to plant, sheeps, goats and cattle to raise and herd for meat.  Along with their corn she taught them to grow, beans, squash, melons, chillies, and amaranth for food. Their Hogans were sturdy and they were clean. The lived peacefully and their children were safe. The children grew up to be healthy adults and lived a long, long time.

Because the people were good she taught them Blessing way or Hozhoogi, and The Shoe Game or Keshjee'. The Indian Peoples are the caretakers of the Earth and Changing Woman taught the Indian Peoples about the Cycles of Day and Night and the Cycles of the Four Seasons. Changing Woman gave The Asian the task of being the Caretakers of the Wind; Africans were to be the Caretakers of the Water. White People are the Caretakers of Fire.

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