Thursday, October 27, 2011


Before there was a world, before there was a sky before any gods were alive there was only mist in eternal night. This was the way it was for a very long time. Then in the Darkness of the Sky the mist began to separate. White mist, red mist, yellow mist blue mist separated and became the four directions. Each of the mists separated again and became male and female mists. The male mists collected in the sky and the female mists collected below the sky forming the earth. From this union was form wind and mountains. In turn wind and mountains formed First Man or Yellow Twilight and Fist Woman or Dawn. From this union came First Boy or Clouds and First Girl Earth Water (Streams, Rivers and Ocean. Also formed at this time was Coyote who first was in an egg carefully kept warm by First Man and first Woman. While the egg was being cared for the Sorcerer was born. Soon Coyote came into the world yet no one could speak to each other because language was not created yet. At first there was no language until first man called out to first woman signing her name, she called back to First Man. They in turn spoke to First Boy and Fist Girl the third and fourth songs were born. The Sorcerer the wife of Sorcerer, Coyote and the wife of Coyote all became songs. Theses songs are still with us today and help the people of today.

From theses first were born many gods and they lived in the mist that surrounded the earth. There was White mist to the East and there was Blue mist to the South and there was Yellow mist in the West and Black mist in the North. In this way the sun came into being and the scattered the mist. The Sun awoke and greeted the earth traveling along the South bringing life were ever he traveled. After a long day the Sun settled in the West and slept until next morning.

In this way the forests and deserts were formed. In this way mountains and valleys were formed. The moon formed one mountain and the sun formed another. Then the North Star and Moon worked together for the third. Dawn made the fourth. Waters separated from the land. Life began at first insects that walked about and plants grew.  As there numbers increased some learned to fly, as there was no more room on the earth. The plants also grew in numbers. When the corn was established White Corn Woman sang blessings and thanksgiving.

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