Monday, September 19, 2011


Notes While Thinking

June 21, 2011

Production of goods and services in the private sector is the employment of workers at a rate to insure a profit. The direct motive of employment and production is that profit. In the public sector the motive, its bottom line, is service. The public sector provides those goods and service essential to the community. Because the inspiration is public service rather than profits it is cheaper and more efficient to support the public sector as is. Out sourcing only complicates the issue without providing any real benefits. In the long run it costs the public more and the over all quality of the services declines. Most public servants understand this and choose to work in the public sector because they care about the public they serve. With recent history in mind where major international investors speculated irresponsibly on high return and unsafe speculation for quick returns on investment without creating jobs or any long-term benefits to society. They gambled and lost only to be saved by big government, driving the global economy into the toilet. So why are we as a nation beating up on public employees while openly supporting the criminals that ruined the economy?

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