Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act or Obama care was a compromise on a previous compromise. It is not national health care of a single payer variety. It is not socialized medicine, and that is too bad. With the Government Partial Shutdown only the people suffer. What concerns me most, is watching the news many people blame congress and even the president. I clearly am not a President Obama fan, but he is not the bad guy this time. It is not the Democrats, no one who knows me would mistake me for a Democrat. In my long life I have never had anything good to say about Republicans, but this is not the fault of most Republicans. The fault is clearly and exclusively rests on the shoulders of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is philosophically, intellectually, and morally bankrupt. They are against big government except the military, police, prisons, and immigration and customs people. They are not against big government they just lie. They think state, county, or municipal governments are less corrupt or bureaucratic than the federal government. They must have flunked American history. They think the private sector, i.e. corporate America is less corrupt or bureaucratic than the public sector they must have flunked economics. What we have here is a compromise on a compromise trying to meet them halfway. They say not “good enough”. The Tea Party are irrational, juvenile, spoiled, absurd, narcissistic, flawed, individuals who are the irresponsible whiners because they cannot face their own inadequacies. The law is already in place. We compromised enough, and lets go on with our lives.


Michael Joseph Francisconi



96 Fern lane Dillon Montana

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