Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Large demonstrations are rarely more than flashes in the pan. They make us feel good but soon are no more than historical footnotes. The May and June Days in France in 1968, is a case in point.  Also the Occupy movement. What brings about long-term change is first awareness, and that is what is lacking. Next is a permanent organization in place and that is what is lacking and just giving a shit and that is lacking.  It is not the lack of time but apathy. With the three above in place it is amazing how little time it takes on a day-to-day basis to become a real force for change for any single individual. Social change collectively is a long-term struggle and that means we begin with education.  With organization, caring, and awareness it becomes more difficult to oppress or exploit those over worked, powerless, voiceless majority. I am currently writing a book on Truman and the Cold War, when repression in America was at its apex. Blacklists, brutal prison terms, ruined lives for dissenters was the norm but most Americans felt free and reveled in their freedom to agree and felt it ok to imprison or ruin careers of any who thought improper thoughts

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