Friday, November 30, 2012

We need jobs in the public sector

We won the election, now it is time to win the selection of the direction we choose to go. As January approaches and budget considerations come to dominate the news lets remember what is really important, public service and jobs. Not profits for the criminals in the large financial institutions who move large quantities of liquid assets from one set of investments to another. We need more jobs in the public sector not more money for Wall Street investors. Public employees are the unsung heroes of all that is best in America. Most of these people work because they care more about the public they serve and that the very modest incomes they receive remains secondary. In an economy given over to narcissistic avarice and juvenile self-indulgence of the large investors, it is good to see there are people who care more about community than profit. We need jobs that benefit both the public employees and the community they serve. Work that is driven by concern for social responsibility, public wellbeing and community protections is what is truly important. Public and service workers need our support in these dangerous times. As Southern Europe explodes and the cries coming from the streets to default and not pay the criminals another penny, we need to start our own movement to make sure the poor are taken care of first. Because they create the wealth, the wealth is theirs. We have had enough trickle down economics, it is time for trickle up economics. Food, housing, health care, education, needed social services, essential goods are too important to be left to market forces. Markets function best when they are peripheral and the public sector as central. The private sector bureaucracy is beyond control. The public sector can be democratized by joint action of public employee unions, civil rights, client rights, consumer, community, and environmental and other public advocacy groups. We can ill afford any more cuts to the public sector.

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