Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama is not a Socialist

Now that it is over and we won, well “sort a”.  Let us set the record straight. Obama is not a socialist by any definition. Why doesn’t anyone ask a socialist what she thinks? Obama is not even all that liberal compared to George McGovern or Bernie Sanders. Always it is the same do real progressives vote Democratic as the lesser evil, or vote for a left third party to say we want a real alternative? Obama healthcare survived, wow how grateful we all are. But, let the truth be known it is the wimpiest watered down compromised Republican concession slice of over cook milk toast. Now lets work together to push the Administration to the left. We need universal national single payer health insurance. Let stop working with the most overly corrupt, overly bureaucratic criminal organizations on record. It is a matter of the democratic distribution of resources to provide for the real needs of real people not profits for investors.

Michael Joseph Francisconi

96 Fern Lane
Dillon Montana

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