Monday, October 22, 2012


Syndicalism is that revolutionary way of life, in which everything is judged by how it affects the relative well being of the workers and their power to control those decisions that effect their lives. The goal is that the workers will seize control of the economy, government and gain control over the processes of decision-making that has an influence on their lives at the job site and in their communities. Through their direct efforts they would struggle to replace this system of exploitation by an arrangement in which the workers, all the workers will create a method of economic organization in which the workers have possession of, be in charge of and supervise industry directly. Everyone works and the owners of corporations are fired and join the generalized work force. If you don’t work you don’t eat.
Direct Participatory democracy of all adults will participate in the day-to-day decision on the job and in our communities. In the course and the process of cooperation is to strengthen the ownership, control and management of the economy of both production and distribution by the workers.  The goal is the direction and operation of any and all political decisions being made democratically. Though this is only fantasy, it is a benchmark to evaluate both politicians and policies.

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