Thursday, September 13, 2012

Truman and today

September 13, 2012

The overt support for liberal democracy became the grand manipulator used to control the labor and resources of the poor the world over. Without direct democratic control over the economy including the job sight, the market, and investments of resources, distribution and general social welfare; we can never have sincere sovereign authority over those decisions that shape and preside over our everyday lives. Political democracy without economic democracy is neither self-governing nor is it social equality. The so-called democratic administration we get is one where it is the poor who fight the wars in support of corporate investments and the industrial markets, which profit only the few. It is labor of the wageworker that creates the wealth of the investors. It is the poor who gain only poverty and exploitation for their efforts. In liberal wars even if the cause is just the results is corrupt. Fortunes are made in war by the few, while the many die. Power and domination spread like weeds. Unwanted invaders which take over the garden and choke the life of the pleasant harvest of our labors and extend their caustic toxin.

If slavery was not the real reason behind the U.S. Civil War, then Fascism was not the real issue behind the Allied cause during World War II. The Civil War abolitionist played a critical roll in the events leading up to the Civil War, as well as the actual fighting of that war. Most southerners did not own slaves and most northerners were equally racist is probably true. Issues like states rights, the spread of industrial capitalism in the north, a failing plantation economy, single crop export economy, British neo-colonialism all played a role. But, the fact slavery keeps coming up in abolitionist literature, the importance of wage labor for industrial capitalism, tariffs favorable to British put slavery at the center the immediate cases for that war. With the Wars end Industrial Capitalism grew at the expense of the democratic right of the rest of the Americans is true.

During World War II the US radically increase its importance as the single greatest political, economic, and military super power replacing Britain and France as the undisputed head of the global capitalist empire.

Prematurely anti-fascist was the term used by the United States government for Americans who were anti-fascist or supported the Spanish Republic against the Falange,(Falange EspaƱola de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista), i.e. Franco and the Spanish Church supported Fascist before the US government decided it was antifascist or before the World War broke out in 1939. Yet fascism was the major issue and there was a very dynamic and strong anti-fascist movement in Europe, the Americas, and Asia before there was a war.

Shortly after World War II Truman over saw the second red scare and the international cold war. The Cold War created a new world with the US as the center of a global empire. Both the British and French empires would be defended and protected by the full might of the US government until the former colonies could gain their independence in the new neo-colonial world with US dominated transnationals as the center of the worldwide sphere of influence over the lives of everyone on the planet. It is because of this the declining British and to an important but a slightly lesser degree the French empires would gain American sponsorship against a growing independence movement worldwide. A manufacture Soviet threat gave the US the excuse it needed. The Soviet problem in Europe meant the US would keep its troops in Europe in peacetime. The creation of NATO, Marshal Plan, Truman Doctrine, the tight control over Asia, becoming the Dominant Political and Economic Power in the North Atlantic, reestablishing its suffocating strangle hold over Latin America, and dividing the world into two mutually exclusive camps without a third way was the hall mark of the Truman administration. The working class parties in Western Europe were domesticated, Soviet Union and its allies were played like a fine musical instrument by the US government. Truman created a regime of corporate and financial elites, top military brass and bringing the corrupt Democratic Urban machines. Dissent was stifled at home and labor Unions became a well-manicured houseplant. The 1948 election and the Progressive Party’s poor showing reads like a cheap caricature of a third world political drama.

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