Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Short Statement

The workers create all wealth and the toiling masses should be the caretakers of that wealth.

All the rest of us eat only by the charity of those torn knuckles and callused palms.

Remember this class-consciousness, is knowing which side are you on, and class analysis is knowing who is there with you, under what conditions and how long. Workers can trust only themselves in the long run. But, in the short and medium run they do need allies.

We intellectuals on the Left according the Amílcar Cabral, should be willing to commit cultural suicide as a class to fully place ourselves at the disposal of the working class in the struggle against capital, neo-colonialism, imperialism, political irrelevancy.

To see a social injustice and not cry forth with great moral indignation is to help to preserve that injustice.

Thus I say a college will become an institution of learning only when janitors and day laborers are the professors and the professors are the students. Teachers are the ones with the knowledge to share. My humility begins with the knowledge I have much to learn.  

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