Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rosa Luxemburg

Why Rosa Luxemburg went to prison.

World war I became with the first shot an orgy of financial greed, patriotic stupidity, blood and destruction. Religion supported equally both sides as God bathed in the blood of the innocent shed for national pride. Each side stood as the first and the last defense of civilization against the savagery of barbarism. Hunger, sickness, death, destruction are but small prices to pay for wealth of the wealthy and national pride of the many. At least that is what we tell ourselves. In fact the whole war was disingenuous. The justification for the war was a mockery of the highest values espoused by the liberal capitalist social order (bourgeois society). Liberal democracy, higher culture, civilization, Christian virtue and family values were brought out to justify the exclusive monopoly each side claimed. This insincere disdain is required to validate the undivided alliance of capital, church and state that led rational people to kill each over industrial markets and the profits of another.

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