Monday, July 16, 2012


Marxism is the expansion of democracy from the purely formal, legal and political to include directly and substantively all realms of society.

Bonapartism: A strongly centralized government by an autocratic dictator supported by the military and claims of democratic foundation and often enjoying popular support. This stands in mark opposition to the Marxist agenda.

The workers' councils which maybe born in workplaces and communities during episodes of concentrated struggle during times of economic crisis, socialists believe these are innate forms of working class organization under extreme circumstances.

From there workers councils becomes the "shop-floor" organization, which best represents workers.  The workers of that workplace do not only control these councils collectively but the actual day-to-day issues in which the workers make the decisions. They are functionally the owners of the shops and factories. This the philosophy that intends to move the real decision-making authority from the corporations and their CEO's, shareholders and financial advisors to everyone else including public employees and community people who are affected by those decisions that includes the rest of working class, consumers, shop keepers, vendors, fellow citizens and the wide-ranging neighborhoods.

Participatory democracy is a course of action giving emphasis to the open political involvement of all citizens in the management and procedures of the political and economic systems directly affecting our lives.

This is communism where material and productive forces are produced collectively under the joint control of worker and community councils democratically defined and operated. The degree of actual freedom provides every citizen with all the goods and services needed for a good life and a direct say in those decisions affecting their everyday life.

While socialists may disagree on whether this is possible, all would agree is the bench mark that outlines our long term goals and how progress we are making at anyone time.

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