Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Coyote, Bobcat and Horned Toad
Long time ago in the mesas of the South West Coyote lived a carefree life. One day he was setting on the edge of a Mesa with his relative Bobcat. In the late afternoon while watching the ghost rain they saw that in the canyon the rains reached the ground and there was a large patch of corn was ready to harvest.  Horned Toad grew the best corn of anyone.
Coyote said to his relative Bobcat lets get us some of that corn. Bobcat said lets wait till midnight because that corn belongs to Horned Toad and he is a deadly shot with a gun. Coyote agreed. So they waited till midnight and they sneaked off the mesa and hid in the bushes till they knew Horned Toad was a sleep. Then the two offenders slipped into the corn and picked all they could carry back to the mesa. They steamed the corn in the ground under their fire and when done they ate until they could eat no more.
The two crooks did the same the next night and yet another night and never got caught.  On the fourth night Horned Toad was ready. Horned Toad wanted to teach them a lesson, not kill them. He shot the tips of Bobcat's ears off leaving only tuffs of hair Bobcat ran clear to the next Reservation. Coyote never even made an appearance.
The next day Coyote walk down to Horned Toad Hogan and met Horn Toad chopping wood. Coyote started talking to Horned toad using all the correct kinship terms.  Horned Toad said, "You must be a relative". Coyote said, " Were are both born of the Still Water clan".   Coyote lied.
Horn Toad invited Coyote in and the two of them ate fresh steamed corn and kneel down bread.  Then Horned Toad gave Coyote all the corn he could carry.
When that corn was all gone, Coyote returned again to visit Horned Toad had another meal and returned home with more corn. This continued until Horn Toad began to weary of Coyote not contributing to his meals.
Horn Toad said to Coyote "help me chop wood and hall water".  Coyote said his back was weak and couldn't work. Horned Toad knew Coyote was lying at this point. "When you want more corn come back help me chop wood and hall water," said Horned Toad.
Coyote returned to Horn Toad homestead the next day. Coyote said, "could you show me how to use the splitting mall", to Horned toad. As Horned Toad stooped over to pick up the mall Coyote jumped him and swallowed him whole.
Coyote moved into Horned Toad's Hogan and to eat all of Horned toads corn. But, Horned Toad realized that he had been tricked began kicking his way around Coyote's stomach.  Coyote thought to himself "that corn I ate must have been green".  The next day Horned Toad had found his way into Coyote's intestines and began kicking his way around," psst that corn gave me gas," thought Coyote. The next day Coyote found his way into Coyote's bowels. Horned Toad began kicking his way around Coyote's bowels. "Ah ya this corn has made me constipated," thought Coyote. Try as he may Coyote could not defecate.  The very next day Horn Toad made all the way to Coyote's anus. Horned Toad reached into his front pocket of his jeans and found his pocketknife opened it and cut his way out. Horned Toad jumped into the brush and his.
Holy Crap  "**#**" cried coyote "THAT IS BY FAR AND AWAY THE WORST MOVEMENT I HAVE EVER HAD". " This corn is no good" and Coyote left disgusted never to return. Horned Toad moved back into his Hogan and was never bothered by Coyote again.

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