Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was the void.  The void was lonely and allowed the spirits to emerge. Thus it was the spirits that came first on to the world. Each spirit had its own song. It was the songs that gave the spirits form. All things named and unnamed were formed in this way. At this time the animals had no form.  But the spirits of the animals had form only in their songs. These songs defined who the animals were and from theses songs the animals created their own forms by which they are known today. The animals were the first people, to walk upon the earth. This is how the world became populated with animals.

Upon the earth and among all the people there were no Humans. The world existed this way for a very long time. The Animals talked to each other and the animals visited with each other, told stories and had many ceremonies. Then one day a few of the animals discovered a new creature that no one had ever seen before. The Humans were first sighted just West of Glacier near Coram. This beast had no song. This animal walked on two feet. This animal was like a baby even though it was fully grown. This animal could not speak and could not ask for help. This life form had no understanding, thus no wisdom. It was a creature with no knowledge, and did not know how to survive. It was sad to see. The person just walks around in the cold naked, it did not know how to eat or drink. This animal would soon die if the other animals did not help.  Coyote was given the job to make the world safe for the humans. But, Coyote is irresponsible and undependable. Fox was told to keep Coyote on task. Wolf was told to teach the humans how to live and work together.
Soon more human were found and they lived in total ignorance. Because the humans were lost and naked and did not know to clothe themselves or to make themselves shelters to protect them from the storms, they would not live long. The animals taught the humans about fire, cloths, and houses. Because Humans were hungry animals would teach humans how to procure and prepare food. Because every human were lost and walking their own road alone in dumb silence the animals taught humans how to live in communities and taught humans language so they could talk to each other. The animals taught humans how to ask their spirit guides for help, food and health. The animals would teach the humans and give them what they needed to survive. The animals would teach the humans the ceremonies, about the circle of the four directions and about the four seasons. Humans to this day ask their spirit guides in the form of animals for direction and to guide them. To this day it is the animals that teach and guide the humans.

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