Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bad baby

In the Old Days babies were so delightful people really enjoyed having babies. Then that baby was born and things changed. He was a very naughty baby. He was not fun at all. He cried a lot. He cried screaming deafening and overriding screeches. He wanted to nurse his mother when she was a sleep and didn’t want to feed when she was ready. Everybody in the village was annoyed. What to do, they had horrible thoughts. They were ashamed of their thoughts, but no one could help herself or himself. They finally decided to kill the baby. When the people of the village told the mother what they had in mind she was greatly relieved for she had the same thoughts. This baby was just that badly behaved.

Because the people would be helping the mother by killing the baby, she was so happy how the community came together for her. The people gathered together many cactus thorns. They stuck thorns into the baby’s eyes, ears, nose, lips, genitals, anus, and a real long one into the baby’s heart.

The baby did not die his behavior did not change. This was one bad baby. Earth Doctor became aware of how all the grownups were behaving. Earth Doctor was concern because this was not an acceptable way for adults to conduct themselves. The Earth Doctor decided to set down a way people should teach their children to behave.  People should teach their children values by setting a good example. If a child is wicked parents shouldn’t kill their child but teach the proper respect for others. 

But this baby grew into a really bad child. He stole from his friends, lied to his parents and showed contempt and verbally abused the elders. He called his parents really bad names. Once again his parents and the people of the village thought of killing the boy. Earth Doctor once again told them not to.

The boy got older and was old enough to learn how to hunt. The men of the village took the boy with them on a hunting trip. The boy was given the job of driving the deer into a narrow canyon with very seep walls. At the other end of the canyon was a tall barrier made of sage and juniper. Where the hunters waited to shoot the deer with their arrows. The boy instead of driving the deer down the canyon he drove the deer away from the canyon and then went home. The men waited and waited and no deer showed up, finally they gave up. They got worried about the boy and search everywhere for the boy hopeful they could find the boy before he got lost or hurt. Finally late at night defeated they returned home. They found the boy asleep in his hut. When the boy awoke the boy taunted the men calling them fools for wasting their time.

Once again the people wanted to kill the boy and once again the Earth Doctor said not to. Once again the Earth Doctor said to wait till the boy is a little older and try again to teach the boy how to hunt.

The years went by and the boy was a young man. He wasn’t any better man than he was a boy. But, the Earth Doctor thought the young man ready to go on a hunting trip.  The men of the village took the young man on another hunt. This time the boy would be at the end of the canyon and the men would drive the deer toward the young man and if he chose not to shoot the deer the men could still harvest the deer. The young man worked really hard removing the blockade to let the deer escape. Then the young man placed him high on the walls of the canyon, loosened a big rock. When the men came down the canyon the young man let the deer flee and push the rock out of the way causing the many rocks on the side the canyon to collapse on the men. The few who were able to break away from the collapsing canyon ramparts the young man shot with his arrows.

After killing all the men in the village the young man came back laughing and singing. Earth Doctor would not protect him from the rage of the women left widowed. The survivors chased the young man into the mountain and trapped him there. To stay alive the young man turned himself into an Eagle but not just an Eagle, but also a supernatural Eagle.

The Eagle then flew the highest peak and built a nest. At first the Eagle hunted deer and that was easy. Then Eagle hunted small children and that was much more fun and even easier. Then the Eagle decided to hunt the grownup people and that was the best.  

When the Eagle made a kill He would strip the flesh from the bone and eat all the innards and throw the bones over the side where they would turn out to be covered with eagle feces and become sun bleached.  Meantime the Eagle captured a woman and made her his wife, he had a son with her together they also had a dog.

It became very bad as the eagle had great magic and people had no protection from the eagle. Only the Earth Doctor could save the people. But, by now the Eagle was even more powerful than the Earth Doctor. The Earth Doctor would need the help of the Wife, Son, and the Dog of the Eagle. Earth Doctor did not know how loyal the family of the Eagle was to Eagle.

Earth Doctor turned herself into a snake when she climbed up to the next to the nest of the Evil Eagle. Slowly and gently she talked to Eagle’s wife. Earth Doctor talked to the wife about her human family. Earth Doctor talks to the wife about her life before being captured by the Eagle. Earth Doctor talked about how heartbreaking it was so many people were killed and eaten by the Eagle and how sad everyone was at the lose of their loved ones. Slowly Earth Doctor convinced the wife to join her plan to kill the Eagle and save the remaining humans on Earth.

Now the two women would convince the boy who only knew the Eagle as his father not to oppose their plans. The mother of the boy told of how the children use to play and laugh before the boy’s father began his reign of terror. The mother told her son that as the son of the Eagle he never knew the meaning of play or of joy or of love. Now the son was ready to join their plot.

The dog was another story, so the son would take the dog on a long hunting trip so the assassination could be carried off without any problems.

When the day of the murder arrived the boy and the dog was a long way from home. The Earth Doctor changed her self from a snake into a maggot and hid deep in the meat cooked by the wife and fed to the Eagle. The wife served the Eagle his meal and then left to fetch water from the spring.

The Eagle gulped his food as he always did. In no way would the Eagle discover the Earth Doctor or be a threat to the Earth Doctor. Once in the stomach of the Eagle the Earth Doctor changed her self into a giant with a long sharp sword. Earth Doctor exploded out of the insides of the Eagle and cut off his head. The Evil Eagle God was dead.

Soon the word spread that the Wicked Rule of the Evil Eagle was over. Yet the people were still cheerless so many people were lost no one could forget. Earth Doctor heard their songs of sorrow. She would bring all the lost back to life. It wouldn’t be easy because all there was left was scattered sun bleached bones.

Earth Doctor brought all the dead back to life but it wasn’t right. The people brought to life their color were all wrong. They all looked sick and they burned easily in the summer sun. Their eyes were the color the pale winter sky a little after dawn. Their hair was the color of the dead grasses late in the fall before the first big winter snow storm. Worst of all the new people weren’t all that smart. They were like small children. They took what they wanted and did what they wanted with no concerns for consequences. Theses people never could understand what ever you affects everything. They were too dangerous to live with others so Earth Doctor placed all the new people across the Eastern Ocean to live by them-selves. Earth Doctor told all the Indian People never cross the Eastern Ocean because the people who lived their were just too dangerous. However, Earth Doctor never talked to the people East of the Great Ocean, Earth Doctor never thought these new people would be smart enough to figure out how to cross the Ocean

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