Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Henry Wallace

Why the Cold War Never Ends.
            The Defeat of Henry Wallace for the Vice Presidential nomination in 1944 moved the Democratic Party to the right.   Once again the party became it became the party of the international wing of capital.  This would mark and end to New Deal Innovations.  During the War capitalism had stabilized.  Social programs of the New Deal would have to be carefully managed by corporate officials in government to protect a stable economic environment that put profits first.
            Truman was not a friend of the common people.  Why was Wallace so dangerous?  Wallace was an honest man with principles.  Either one was deadly to American politics, but in combination it was and is unacceptable.  Four years later in 1948 Wallace would attract people who were to the left of his political philosophy, Wallace was never a tool of the Communist Party USA. The party’s support of Wallace was at first reluctant. Truman not Wallace was the issue.  Truman for a while in his first term came to represent open betrayal of FDR and the New Deal.  To the Communists he represented the malevolent mastermind that uniquely embodied the Totalitarianism of the American Empire at its most horrifying.
            Roosevelt was a dying man in 1944.  The New Deal Coalition was already coming apart.  The left democratic forces were a tenuous populist alliance at best.  The right wing of the party was an alliance of southern landed elites and big city bosses with corporate connection and was ready to bring the noisy rabble in toe.
            Between 1944 and 1948 there developed in America a political culture in which any and all independent thought was un-American.  The Americans for Democratic action channeled all social-democratic dissent into support for Truman’s Anti-Communism.  US government’s authorized dishonesty become truth known through common sense.  Both the Democratic and Republican parties, the FBI, the Churches, public schools, TV, radio, movies, an d most private organizations work closely to limit debate in which the basic American institutions remained unchallenged.
            There was no conspiracy.   There was lies at top levels of government. There war a social movement in which big business and the military moved in to strengthen its control over government.  There was a “me too” cowardice by the movie industry, followed by TV and radio.  This bandwagon effect created a popular culture of paranoid popular culture.

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